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Actually, my name is not really Guntram, that's just what I am called in the Society for Creative Anachronism, which is where I got started on tabletweaving.

Mirror Site
Mirror Site: Try the mirror if this site is slow.

New Stuff
2006-12-01 This has not been the best of years for me, in fact it has probably been the worst...
I did do some weaving, though not a great deal, and I haven't uploaded any pictures or patterns yet. Perhaps after Christmas there will be time.
You may have noticed that this website has been down quite regularly in the last week or so of every month. That's because my host has a bandwidth limit. I will be moving to a new host shortly (thanks Steve!) and this problem should disappear.
2006-04-20 Added the threaded-in pattern for the band that's visible on my loom.

The Usual Stuff
GTT V1.17: Guntram's Tabletweaving Thingy.
This is an application I wrote to help design patterns. The name is still stunningly unoriginal, but the app has grown since its initial inception and now handles a fair variety of techniques.
Patterns: My collection of tabletweaving patterns and fonts; the files are intended for use with GTT.
Articles: Various articles and project documentation; still somewhat under construction.
Gallery: Sort of; most of the images aren't particularly good because my scanner is a piece of junk.
A Metal Tablet: A test prototype.

Tabletweaving Links, and a few others
Weavershand - A great collection of tabletweaving links, information, and galleries.
Kurt Laitenberger's site; beautiful knotwork and other designs.
Guido Gehlhaar's page (German).
Treenway Silks, my favourite supplier for silk yarn.
Shire of Adamastor. The website of my local branch of the SCA.
Who is Guntram?. A page for the terminally curious.

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