Guntram's Tabletweaving Thingy

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Download GTT V1.17.
NB: This version may not properly work under Windows 95.
If you run this version and all the tool buttons are blank, you will need to update some of your system files. This is quite easy: download the file comctl32.dll and copy it over the existing file in your Windows/System directory.
I suggest you make a backup of your old file though, just in case... I wouldn't want to be responsible for breaking your Windows. :)
Download GTT 1.17 from the Mirror Site in Germany, in case you have difficulty downloading it from here.
GTT Requirements and Installation Notes.
GTT Screenshot.

Download the manual in Word 2000 format.
Download the manual in RTF format.
If you really want to, you can download a spec for the file formats used by GTT. This document should only be treated as a guide because, as everyone knows, specs change all the time.

Some of the recent additions and changes to GTT:
(details can also be found under the About | Revisions menu item in GTT)
- Added a selvedge generator for double-face and twill patterns. The selvedge tablets can be set up via the Edit | Selvedges menu item, or via the tool button next to the Card Setup button. Note that the selvedge generator only permits selvedges with tablets being turned forwards continuously.
- Added a check to the Join function to prevent twill patterns with different background twill from being joined to each other. Also fixed a small bug that caused the background twill to be always set to S-twill, regardless of the source pattern's twill direction.
- Updated the twill designer so that long floats can be set by left-clicking and dragging the mouse.
- Changed the block pattern designers so that when the orientation is changed, the snapshot moves into the same orientation. Alternatively, the panel can be fixed in a specific position (see Settings | Layout).
- Fixed an oversight in the twill designer - the 'Undo' function did not handle the long float markers properly.
- Added a button for clearing the ground weave of a brocade pattern. The button is located to the left of the Undo button.
- Added an option to the multi-colour doubleface designer for setting up the cards in the default configuration for 3-colour doubleface. The button is located on the left-hand panel below the palette.
- Added configuration (under Settings | System) for the font size when printing a pattern.
- Added configurations for the default layout of twist-patterned designs. The options can be found on the new Twist-Patterned tab in the Settings.
- Added option for generating a twist-patterned design using either twists of the cards or a change in the turning direction. This option can be set on the Twist-Patterned tab in the Settings.
- Astonishingly, the doubleface and twill patterns never included palette details; when the pattern was loaded the default palette was automatically used. I have changed this so that the palette details are saved together with the rest of the pattern.

Occasionally maintained by Eckhard Gartz.
Last modified 5/5/2004.