GTT Technical Information


GTT will run on the systems described below, but I don't have the capacity to actually port the code so that it will run natively on platforms other than Windows. However, I hope that Windows, Mac with VPC, and Linux with Wine will cover most situations.

System Requirements

GTT should run on any current Windows platform. However, there are differences between the different Windows operating systems, so you may notice minor oddities if your O/S isn't the same as the one I compiled GTT under.

I've been told that you can run GTT with VPC on a Mac with OSX. That's the extent of my Mac knowledge. :)

I have not tested this myself but I have reliable reports that GTT runs fine under Wine.

The information below is way outdated, but I'm leaving it here for kicks. :)

Operating System:Windows
CPU: Pentium 166 (if you can still get one). A better CPU will also work.
RAM: 32MB, more if you've got it.
Notes:A screen resolution of 800x600 is recommended; 1024x768 won't hurt. Make sure that the font size of your display settings is set to Small Fonts, otherwise you may notice some unusual behaviour by GTT.

Download and Installation

1. Click on the link to download the compressed file.
2. Once the download is complete, double-click on the file (it should have a .zip extension) to decompress it. If this is successful, go to Step 4.
3. If WinZip is not installed on your machine, you can download a copy from the WinZip homepage. After installing WinZip, try Step 2 again.
4. You should now have the file gtt.exe. To run GTT, simply double-click on this file.

Occasionally maintained by Eckhard Gartz.
Last modified 20/4/2006.