Who is Guntram?

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Mundanely, I'm not Guntram, I'm Eckhard. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and by profession I'm a software developer. For one reason or another, most of my hobbies have to do with the Society for Creative Anachronism... though I had some odd hobbies even before I joined the SCA.

In the SCA I am Guntram von Wolkenstein, 9th century Frank (very early 9th century, in fact the century has barely started...). Yes, I know the gothic arch chair doesn't quite fit in, but half the time I'm also a 16th century German Landsknecht, since a Frank with rapiers just doesn't cut it.

So, what do I do in the SCA? (Aside from drinking; I think that photo looks far too jolly and deceptive.)

One of my main interests in the SCA is heraldry, and for five years I held the post of Albion, Drachenwald's External Submissions Herald. I stepped down at the beginning of this year, and just in time too, I think. It doesn't do to hold a position for too long... (eight years as shire herald was much too long, I think!).

Occasionally, I do a bit of calligraphy and illumination, though less often than I would like to. Should I ever win the lottery... If you are more than just terminally curious, you can see a couple of my scrolls here.

I used to do both heavy and light combat, but due to some niggling back problems I've given up on heavy combat for the nonce. Since there are no commercial or even semi-commercial armourers around I also do the odd bit of armouring. Quite odd, frequently! At present I am Deputy Rapier Marshal for Drachenwald's Southern Regions.

And then there are the things I play around with when I have nothing else to do - metal casting, leatherwork, woodwork, lampworking, brewing... For the gothic arch chair in the photo I used Master Terafan's plans; it's really quite simple to make and very nifty to have. My current, very slow-progressing project is a pavilino (no, not a misspelling), again using Master Terafan's plans.

For those who are cat-killingly curious (like my Laurel), some of my cast pewter work is here: http://www.guntram.co.za/pewter/.

Oh, yes, and tabletweaving. Every now and again. My career as apprentice was cut unexpectedly short when Their Majesties John and Honor elevated me to the Order of the Laurel at 12th Night in AS XXXIX.

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