GTT Patterns: Brocade

Unless other otherwise noted, all patterns on this website are my own designs. You may copy and use the patterns for personal purposes as long as due credit is given.

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3/1 Twill
Egyptian Diagonals
View gallery image Quatrefoil, 30 tablets. I used this pattern for a simple belt in silver and black.
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Knotwork. A number of variations on a basic knotwork pattern for 35 cards.
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More Knotwork. A couple of variations on a 26-card knotwork pattern.
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And more. A range of patterns in different widths (from 38 to 78 cards wide), all using a basic line width of 5 warp threads.
Textura Quadrata (36 cards). I kept the ascenders quite short because I did not want to take up too much space with the letters.
Textura Quadrata (48 cards). Similar to the script above, but I lengthened the ascenders and descenders to more traditional proportions.
Textura Quadrata (60 cards). This is a large variation where all letters are the same height. A medieval example of this kind of compression can be found in Nancy Spies' Ecclesiastical Pomp and Aristocratic Circumstance.
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Textura Quadrata (60 cards). The script above has a 1-in-4 tie-down pattern; this one is a classier alternative with cross-like tie-downs.
A proportional comparison of the sizes of the different textura scripts.
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Lions, based on motifs from the 11th/ 12th century chasuble of St Wolfgang.
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A variety of simple heraldic charges within a frame. I used these patterns in my examination of medieval brocade wefts.
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A 40-tablet wide castle motif.
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Anglo-Saxon style zoomorphic dragon motifs, using 36 and 46 tablets.

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