GTT Patterns: 3/1 Broken Twill

Unless other otherwise noted, all patterns on this website are my own designs. You may copy and use the patterns for personal purposes as long as due credit is given.

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3/1 Twill
Egyptian Diagonals
These patterns are all for 31 tablets since I designed them for a fillet of that width.
A generic sort of stalking bird.
View gallery image This bird is based on a motif in the St Donats stole.
View gallery image Dragon with forked tongue. I initially gave him a barbed tongue, but that made the tongue and tail look rather alike.
I also have a 24-card variation of this dragon.
View gallery image It's obviously a lion, isn't it?
View gallery image Eagle + Lion = Gryphon. The tongue may look strange, but I got the idea for the fleur-de-lys from one of the creatures on the St Donats stole.
View gallery image Wolf.
View gallery image Unicorn.
View gallery image Pegasus.
View gallery image I hope this looks like a swan rather than a misshapen duck.
View gallery image A heraldic crane in its vigilance.
View gallery image Merlion, in a warp-wise orientation.
View gallery image Two types of tree, again loosely based on motifs in the St Donats stole.
View gallery image These motifs were also vaguely inspired by the St Donats stole.
View gallery image A variety of designs based on Snartemo and other patterns.

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