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My Warp-Weighted Loom
Some not excessively good pictures as well as instructions for building a basic warp-weighted loom.
An Index to the Plates in TTW
This is simply a list of the plates in TTW. I made it mainly to familiarise myself with all the plates, and to have a quick overview of pieces from a certain timespan.
3/1 Broken Twill with Alternately S/Z Threaded Tablets

Medieval Documentation & Research
An Introduction to Period Tabletweaving.
A 14th-Century Tabletwoven Fillet
My entry in the 2002 Drachenwald Arts & Sciences Competition.
An Anglo-Saxon Belt
Based on Mistress þóra Sharptooth's analysis of a period find.
A 13th Century Brocaded Tabletwoven Belt
This was to be my entry in the 2003 Drachenwald A&S competition, but unfortunately it didn't reach the event in time.
A Practical Examination of Wefts used in Medieval Brocaded Tabletweaving
This was my entry in the 2004 Drachenwald A&S competition.
A Brocaded Belt with Pewter Buckle
This was my entry in our shire's 2005 A&S competition.

Intro to Tabletweaving
My notes for a beginner's class given at the Drachenwald Ten Year Celebration, June 2003. And they're just that: notes, not a detailed article.

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