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Unless other otherwise noted, all patterns on this website are my own designs. You may copy and use the patterns for personal purposes as long as due credit is given.

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This was one of my earliest belts; it was the forerunner of the black and yellow belt on the title page.

Interlaced designs are a big hit with me; this is one of a number of doubleface knotwork patterns I made up. I wove this particular belt in yellow and green 20/2 silk.

This is a heraldic belt for a friend of mine, the arms being Per fess azure and vert, a wolf passant countourney Or.

Late 2002
A 3-colour doubleface pattern with 28 cards using black, maroon and yellow. I used three separate pattern sections in the belt; you can see details here.

May 2003
A double-face belt in yellow and blue 60/2 silk which I made as a special gift.

A variety of seal tags I wove for scrolls in the Kingdom of Drachenwald, using 60/2 silk. The patterns are based on designs in Ottfried Staudigel's book Tablet Weaving Magic; they are mostly Persian in origin and not entirely medieval as far as I know. However, I had just received the book and couldn't resists trying out some of the patterns. I modified them slightly to be used with 24 cards instead of the original 34 or 36. The dragons are my own design and can be found amongst the twill patterns.

Early 2003
This wool belt uses alternating colours for the background to create a wave pattern. The square pattern in the middle is based on the idea of radial symmetry as laid out in Thóra Sharptooth's article.

December 2002
A bookmark in maroon, black, and yellow 60/2 silk, using the Indonesian 3-colour doubleface technique.

December 2002
A garter from the same warp as the bookmark above. This is the central section.

November 2002
This is a set of bookmarks in 60/2 silk. Except for the knotwork, I used motifs from Ottfried Staudigel's book Tablet Weaving Magic.

March 2003
A belt in 20/2 and 30/2 silk.

September 2003
I used part of the same patterns as the black and red belt above. This one is also 20/2 and 30/2 silk.

May 2004
This is the start of a seal tag for Sir Maximilian von Brandenburg's knighthood scroll. I used 60/2 silk and a simple chain pattern, in Sir Max's colours.

This is a two-colour variation of the Indonesian 3-colour doubleface style; I discovered by accident that the use of two colours results in a very striking pattern. I wove this belt using 30/2 silk; the buckle comes from Fettered Cock Pewter and the point I cast myself.

Details of the belt to the left.

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