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Unless other otherwise noted, all patterns on this website are my own designs. You may copy and use the patterns for personal purposes as long as due credit is given.

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January 2003
This is half of a belt in brown 20/2 silk with a twist-patterned background and areas of brocade; I got the idea from King Philip of Swabia's belt.

March 2003
These lions are based on motifs from the 11th/12th century chasuble of St Wolfgang. The lions on the chasuble are much larger, and brocaded over 3/1 broken twill; mine are simply brocaded over a single colour warp.

Purple 60/2 silk with silver Kreinink Japan #7 thread; 14mm wide. This was a trial piece for the blue and silver band below.

January 2003
A section of brocaded trim with a repeating knotwork pattern which I made for a friend's wedding dress. I used blue 60/2 silk for the warp; the band is about 17mm wide.

May 2003
Brocaded knotwork based on Viking style patterns. The ground weave is 60/2 silk; the brocade is a double weft of gilded silver wire with a diameter of 0.13mm.

March 2003
Black 20/2 silk with twist-patterned squares and brocaded quatrefoils, using a double weft of Kreinik Japan #7 thread.

This was going to be my entry in the 2003 Drachenwald Kingdom Arts & Science competition. Unfortunately the so-called 'courier' was slow and took more than a week to deliver... by which time it was too late. <censored mutterings>
I used 64 tablets threaded with 60/2 silk and Kreinik Japan #7 metallic thread as brocade weft. The ground weave is twist-patterned with squares; the band is about 25mm wide.
Read my documentation or view closeup images.

November 2003
A brocaded coronet set with six fleur-de-lys.

January/February 2004
A Practical Examination of Wefts used in Medieval Brocaded Tabletweaving

May 2004
The start and end of a belt brocaded with alternating silver and gold castles, on a 30/2 silk warp of dark blue and purple stripes. The metallic thread comes from Van Sciver Bobbin Lace. I cut the end plates from brass and decorated the point with some very plain engraving to match the masoned look of the castles. Long live newly acquired rotary tools with flexible shafts!

30/2 silk brocaded with metallic silver and gold #5 passing thread and red 30/2 silk. Not a great picture, I'm afraid, I'll update it when I have time and show more details of the patterns. The ground weave has lengthwise twist-patterned stripes, though this isn't really visible in the image. I cast the buckle and point in pewter and set them with 10mm carnelian cabochons.
The piece was my entry our shire's A&S competition this year; you can find my documentation here if you're interested.

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