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Unless other otherwise noted, all patterns on this website are my own designs. You may copy and use the patterns for personal purposes as long as due credit is given.

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November 2002
A girdle in maroon 60/2 silk with twist-patterned background and letters. I used 39 tablets; the result is between 17mm and 18mm wide. Click here for more detail on some of the lettering.

January 2003
This is half of a belt in brown 20/2 silk with a twist-patterned background and areas of brocade; I got the idea from King Philip of Swabia's belt.

This was going to be my entry in the 2003 Drachenwald Kingdom Arts & Science competition. Unfortunately the so-called 'courier' was slow and took more than a week to deliver... <censored mutterings>
I used 64 tablets threaded with 60/2 silk and Kreinik Japan #7 metallic thread as brocade weft. The ground weave is twist-patterned with squares; the band is about 25mm wide.
Read my documentation or view closeup images.

December 2003
A simple twist-patterned belt in red 30/2 silk with sewn-on pressed brass decorations. The belt is just over an inch wide.

December 2003
I wove this belt from 20/2 silk; it is approximately 32mm wide and has a brass buckle and point. The inscription reads ''.
Here is a
full-length scan, but the colour is not very good.

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